War against communal elements essential for maintenance of peace and humanity – Acharya Pramod Krishnam

, 8:20 AM IST

Jaipur: Prominent Hindu leader, Aharya Pramod Krishnnma told that wherever a war is waged against the communal elements, they are labeled as traitors of the county. He addressing “Peace and Humanity conference” organized by Jamat-e-Islami at Jaipur yesterday. He further told that our country is tied with the string of love and affection. Divisive forces will never be successful. It is our responsibility that we should not allow this string of love to become weak. The day this string is broken, this country would be shattered.

He stressed the need for Hindu-Muslim unity. He further told that if there is any attack on Islam, Hindus come to defend and if thee any attack on Hindu religion, Muslims should come forward to defend them. It would be the best exam off communal harmony. India would prosper only when the Hindus follow their Aastha and the Muslims act up on their belief. He was surprised that a religion which does not allow killing an ant, how can it permit to kill Akhlaq Ahmed? He attacked the so-called religious leaders. He termed Islam as the religion of peace. Islam is the name of feeding the hungry, it is also the name of helping the destitute, how can it preach terrorism.

He mentioned that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) had not come only for the Muslims, he had come for the entire world. Narrating the incidence of sacrifices made by the Muslims, he said that those who sacrificed their lives include Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Ashfaqullah Khan. When Chandrasekhar Azad shed his life, Hawaldar Abdul Hameed also sacrificed his life for the sake of country.

–Siasat News