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Watch: Boy proposes burkha-clad girl on busy road, invites wrath

Watch: Boy proposes burkha-clad girl on busy road, invites wrath

THANE: A video of the Muslim couple from Bhiwandi in Maharashtra embracing each other on a busy street in Thane went viral on the internet.

In the video, the boy is seen proposing and hugging his burkha-clad ‘fiancé’ and getting applauded by the public was enough to invite wrath from the local community leaders.

According to Indian Express report, the incident reported to happened on 11 March.

The boy’s public display of love has angered the local organisations including National Lokhind Party and Raza Academy who accused the couple for indulging in unIslamic actions and force for an apology.

The young boy uploaded an apology video asking for forgiveness and promising never to repeat such actions in future.

“It is my fault alone, it is not fair if someone else gets punished for my actions, if I commit such a mistake again I am willing to bear the consequences and whatever punishment is seen fit,” he said in the video.

The girl’s father told Times of India that family was upset by the people’s reaction and that his daughter threatened to commit suicide if the harassments continue.

A harassment case was also filed with the Thane police against those harassing the couple assuring strict action. Manoj Patil, DCP (zone II, Thane) told TOI, “Strict action would be taken against those who are threatening her and her family.”