Watch: Ex-ABVP leader slams BJP over ‘3k Condom’ remarks, anti-Muslim ideology

, 11:11 AM IST

On 17 February, Pradeep Narwal resigned from the post of joint secretary of the JNU’s ABVP unit because of the ‘anti-national’ incidents taking place on the campus.

In the video, as reported in Huffington Post, he begins with saying, “A few days back I was in the ABVP, now I am standing here.”

He  refer to what several BJP leaders have been saying about Muslims. “I read in a newspaper that four BJP leaders have said Muslims should be killed. I just want to tell them, if your nationalism doesn’t include the 20 crore Muslims of the country, I don’t want to believe in your nationalism.”

Referring to the Rajasthan BJP leader Gyandev Ahuja’s statement, Pradeep said:

“This BJP leader said, 3000 condoms are found in JNU everyday. What kind of a comment is that? If your nationalism doesn’t include respect for our women and our peers, I don’t agree with your nationalism.”

“Hum kya mangte? Azaadi! (What do we demand? Freedom.”

He then demands for freedom from poverty, from Brahmanical oppression, from communalism.