Watch: Rabbi receives standing ovation for powerful speech at Muhammad Ali’s funeral

, 4:30 PM IST

Kentucky: Representative of the Jewish faith at Muhammad Ali’s memorial service, Rabbi Michael Lerner received a standing ovation as he delved on the mistreatment of Muslims in America, during the ceremony.

“Send your blessings to Muhammad Ali and send your blessings to those who mourn for him and the millions around the planet,” Lerner began.

Rabbi, a political activist and the editor of Tikkun Magazine took a swipe at Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, who has called for a temporary ban on foreign Muslims entering the country.

“We will not tolerate politicians or anyone else putting down Muslims and blaming Muslims for a few people,” said Lerner.

He expressed his solidarity with Islamic communities worldwide.“We today stand in solidarity with the Islamic community, in this country and all around the world.”

“We know what it’s like to be demeaned.

“We know what it’s like to have a few people who act against the highest visions of our traditions to then be identified as the value of the entire tradition.”

With his passionate speech, the Rabbi Lerner brought the crowd to its feet four times.

“I want to say how do we honour Muhammad Ali? And the answer is the way to honour Muhammad Ali is to be Muhammad Ali today, the representative said as the crowd applauded.

Muhammad Ali was extolled on Friday as a boxer of incomparable grace, a magnetic entertainer and a man of conviction who gave a voice to the oppressed, as a two-day celebration of “The Greatest” came to a rousing end in his Kentucky hometown.


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