Watch: This ‘Ramzan’ special Surf Excel Ad will make you happy weep

, 11:17 AM IST

New Delhi:  This Ramazan, Surf Excel delivers a heart touching ad about helping each other during Ramzan.

Released by Surf Excel Pakistan, the ad leaves you smiling and in tears at the same time.

The commercial shows,  super cute kid with his friends and their gesture of helping out the old samosa and jalebi vendor in a unique way whose cart gets stuck in a ditch on his way to the market.

The commercial is going viral and garnered over 4000 shares in just three hours.

This tag line surely won many hearts:

“Kisi ki madad karna bhi aik ibadat hai. Aur agar madad karne mein daagh lag jain, tou daagh acche hain”