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Watch: Swami Agnivesh slams RSS for questioning Muslim’s patriotism

Watch: Swami Agnivesh slams RSS for questioning Muslim’s patriotism

Amid the country wide debate over patriotism and treason, prominent Human Rights Activist Swami Agnivesh lashes out at RSS and sangh parivar questioning their move to suspect patriotism of Muslims.

While addressing a national convention on Peace and Justice held by All India Milli Council in Delhi on Sunday, Swami Agnivesh asked RSS and Sangh Parivar to name a single RSS member who took part in Indian freedom.

According to Indiatomorrow, Swami who is a chairman of Bonded Labor Liberation Front (Bandhua Mazdoor Mukti Morcha), appreciated the patriotism of the Indian Muslims.

“I want to ask those who took charge of awarding certificate of patriotism, I can name not 10 or 20 but thousands of Muslims who endured tortures in jails and never hesitate in giving their life for freedom, but can you come up with one single name from RSS family who was hanged while fighting against the British Raj? Swami questioned.

“Few are there who took part but not for patriotism but for working as informer for the British Raj. They have no right to question patriotism of others. They talk such things, just to polarize the atmosphere for political benefits” said swami.

“When the country was being partitioned, the world stands witness to the fact that except a few who left for Pakistan on false promises, around 80-90% of Muslims decided to stay in India because they said it was their country, they were born here and would die here. Today proof of patriotism is being asked from such people,” he added.

Expressing deep concern over the denial of basic promises made in the Constitution, like equality and social, political and economic justice – the country is going away from them. And efforts are being made in an organized way to break and divide the country,” Agnivesh further added.