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Video: Woman live streams her death in car crash

Video: Woman live streams her death in car crash
Nikol Barabasova along with her friend before the accident(youtube), Courtesy: DC

Obrnice, Czech Republic: A woman live streamed her video on Facebook, the moment before her death. The video showed two women, a young car passenger and her friend who was driving the car.

Nikol Barabasova filmed herself while being seated on the passenger seat. The two friends seemed to be enjoying and joking as they drove along a road in Obrnice in the Czech Republic, reports DC.

Moments later, the car was flipped on hitting to a barrier. As per the locals, the car was reportedly running at a speed of more than 120 kph. The video of Nikol filming with her mobile has gone viral as she unintentionally video graphed her last moments alive.

The driver is said to be in intensive care in hospital having suffered serious head injuries. Police have launched an investigation into the accident.