WB stalls unauthorised construction on Masjid Nana Bagh land

, 4:01 PM IST

Taking immediate action on resuming construction on land adjacent to Masjid Nana Bagh, Waqf Board stalled the work by sending its team and lodged a complain with Commissioner Police. Waqf Board, with the help of police, had stalled construction of complex at Waqf land adjacent to masjid two weeks ago. Although the concerned person was restricted from undertaking construction work, he resumed construction.

Masjid Committee informed Chief Executive officer Waqf Board about this on which the later immediately sent his team and stalled construction. Chief Executive Officer Mohammed Asadullah sent a letter to the concerned Deputy Commissioner of police. He appealed to file a case against the person.

It must be noted that 5 acre and 7 guntas of land is attached to Masjid Nana Bagh. Illegal construction was being done of land adjacent to Masjid when Waqf Board intervened and stalled the construction.

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