Monday , August 21 2017
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A week’s delay in monsoon hitting TS, AP

People in the two Telugu States have to wait for a few more days to experience cool weather. The Weather department has announced that monsoon would enter the Telugu States by a week’s delay.

The Weather department had forcast the Monsoon will hit Kerala on June 7. But the officials said the Monsoon will hit Kerala a week later as against the forcast. Due to the delay of Monsoon, rains will lash Telugu states after a delay of one week. On the other hand, the Visakhapatnam weather department has said that there was a chance to experience the Telugu States isolated rains due to cumulonimbus clouds affect. It said that the severe low pressure was continuing in South-West Bangala Khatham sea. There was a chance that the low pressure will turn as a thoopan becoming very strong in the coming 24 hours. Due to this effect, the South Coastal area and Rayalaseema will experience light to moderate showers. (NSS)