Wendell Rodricks to give a modern twist to Indian garments at upcoming Lakme Fashion Week

, 11:35 AM IST

Noted designer Wendell Rodricks will explore the vast Indian textiles and present the collection in a contemporary modern way at the upcoming Lakme Fashion Week here.

Rodricks will celebrate the wealthy legacy of handwoven Indian textiles at the upcoming Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2016 here.

The fashion extravaganza begins from March 30-April 3.

“My collection is called “Indica Emporia”. I used the Latin word because I wanted to go back in time. The fashion of India has always been a great provider of textile and culture. It (collection) takes my philosophy ahead of being diverse,” Rodricks told PTI.

“We are used to see garments in a certain way I felt like giving the garments modern avatar in a contemporary way,” he said.

Through his collection, Rodricks will create a fusion of twenty Indian costume icons.

“We have taken 20 iconic garments and contemporarised them to modern wearability. Like we have taken a simple garment like ‘dhoti’ and converted it into a ‘dhoti jumpsuit’ with a sari,” he added.

He will celebrate the vast emporium of Indian textiles and clothing for Indian Textile Day 2016.

The Goan designer will use a vibrant Indian color palette of beige, red, grey, peacock green, peacock blue and ultra violet among others.