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Wife assists boyfriend to brutally murder her husband

Kolkata: Manua Majumdar married to Anupam Sinha for a year when she decided to end her husband’s life and plotted his murder with the help of her boyfriend Ajit Roy. Anupam Sinha (34) was a manager in a travel agency, while Manua (28) worked in Barasat Municipality.

Ajit and Manua had an affair since their college days and they carried it even after Manua got married to Anupam. On May 3, 2017, Manua, left work early to meet her boyfriend at his house. The very same day, Ajit murdered Anupam at his house.

Ajit reportedly had hit Anupam on the head with an iron road, and cut his veins so that he could bleed to death. He also choked his mouth with the rod and dialled Manua’s number so that she could hear his shrieks.

Manua had planned to be present at the scene of murder but later changed her mind.
After murdering Anupam, Ajit cleaned his house and threw his dead body and other belongings in the Ganges.

The Police suspected foul play when they found Anupam Sinha’s gold ring near his body. They reasoned that a professional killer would not take off the ring from the victim’s finger and then proceed to leave it at the crime scene.

Ajit reportedly informed the Police that the ring was given by Manua to Anupam on their first anniversary and he could not stand it and felt jealous.

Anupam Sinha was a Bangladeshi national who had settled in Barasat’s Hridaypur area, Kolkata. Police arrested Manua and Ajit two weeks after Anupam Sinha’s murder.

Manua Majumdar was produced before a court on Saturday where a crowd shouted slogans and even assaulted her lawyer for trying to defend her. Samir Ganguly, retired Kolkata Police Deputy Commissioner who had headed the homicide section for many years said, “I probed numerous murder cases but this one stands out.”

Anupam Sinha was reportedly found out his wife’s affair and the couple had fights over it. Abhishek Chatterjee, Anupam’s colleague told the media that he never elaborated but would often regret his marriage, “I shouldn’t have married her,” he would say.

Ajit Roy who also married once, would physically torture his former wife, informed Police.