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Will government do something to save Indian Muslims from harassment while distributing sacrificial meat on Eid

Will government do something to save Indian Muslims from harassment while distributing sacrificial meat on Eid
Photo: PTI

By Muhammad Irfan Machiwala,

The Indian government should quickly arrange something to save Muslims from harassment of Cow Protection Terrorists during the coming Eid, (Eid uz Zuha or popularly known as Bakrid) which is most probably on 2nd September 2017 in India.

Eid uz Zuha is a celebration of universal sacrifice. On this Eid Muslims will sacrifice an animal as prescribed in Shariah. After this Muslims will generally carry goat, sheep and buffalo meat and not beef (cow) to distribute to friends, relatives and poor people as prescribed in Shariah.

The meat from the sacrificed animal is divided into three parts: the family retains one third of the share; another third is given to relatives, friends and neighbours; and the remaining third is given to the poor and needy.

Violence in the name of cow protection has been on the rise. Several lives have been lost as the cow vigilantes have assaulted people for carrying or eating meat, on the suspicion that it may be Cow meat (beef).

During the Eid days it is sure that violent cow vigilantes will harass people.

Hence, government should arrange urgently portable kit which can determine if a meat sample contains beef or not.

As the kit will help determine if the sample contains beef or not on the spot, police need not make arrests or seizures on mere suspicion.

It will help defuse law and order situation when suspected beef consignments are seized. When beef is seized from the suspect, quick results will help the police defuse the situation faster, book the accused or let off people if they are innocent.

Violence surrounding this issue is very sad and disturbing. When vehicles carrying meat or livestock are caught by these non-state cow protection groups, before anyone checks the facts, the mob resorts to violence.

The rumours multiplied within groups of friends and acquaintances and became a call to target members of a particular community.

Beef testing kits will be able to stop mob, baying for blood? If hearsay is sufficient incitement for a people to kill a fellow human being, they would be willing to pause for half an hour, consider the merits of the result of a scientific test, before proceeding to carry out their mission.

Police will be able to tell if the meat they have seized is that of a cow or not. With the help of the kits, the police will be able to avoid seizing vehicles transporting goat meat as the testing can be done on the spot.

Courtesy: Milli Gazette