Will Harish Rao be the Congress party’s ‘Bahubali’? Are Congress leaders daydreaming?

Will Harish Rao be the Congress party’s ‘Bahubali’?  Are Congress leaders daydreaming?

Hyderabad: Congress leaders are divided in to two factions on Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao’s hypothetical joining of Congress party. Some of the Congress leaders belonging to one community were seriously opposing Harish Rao’s entry into Congress party, though the chances appear to be bleak. Others from the same community, along with other communities’ leaders, are seriously batting in favor of Harish joining Congress.
Political analysts were analyzing that CLP leader K Jana Reddy’s much talked about ‘Bahubali’ might be Harish Rao. It may be recalled that Jana Reddy had said during budget session that a ‘Bahubali’ would rescue the Congress party and bring it to power in the 2019 elections. Even, former Minister Komatireddy Venkat Reddy too said many a time that only Harish Rao and Finance Minister Etala Rajender would win in the 2019 elections from TRS party.
On the other hand, the Congress leaders’ Thursday’s statements are giving an impression that Harish Rao may join the Congress party at any moment and this may disturb the expectations of the existing leaders. The leaders’ opinions are as follows:
Describing Harish Rao as a good leader and hard worker, TPCC leader Umesh Rao, a cousin of Harish who joined the Congress few years ago opposing Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao seriously, has said that it would be good for the Congress party in case Harish Rao joins the party. He alleged that friction arose in the TRS party and the pink party was keeping Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao aside.
Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here today, Umesh Rao said that he will try to make Harish Rao join the Congress party. He opined that Harish has no need to continue in the TRS party facing insults, and made it clear that Congress party was best for Harish Rao. The Congress party will benefit with the joining of Harish Rao at this juncture and the future of Harish Rao was also expected to be bright in the Congress.
Harish Rao’s arch rival T Jagga Reddy opined that the Congress party doesn’t need Harish Rao and said that the Congress party has many experienced leaders. “Harish will become a small one in front of them in case he joined Congress party”, he stated.
Stating that internal fighting in TRS party was true, he said Harish played key role in the party since its inception, but Harish was side-lined due to ‘heir politics’ and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s son and IT Minister KT Ramarao’s had gained upper hand. Harish never get a chance in the TRS party, Jagga Reddy said.
Former union minister Sarve Sathyanarayana said that Harish Rao has done ‘Chapracy (servant’s) work to many things in the party. He advised Harish Rao to back stab his uncle KCR and get his dream of becoming a Chief Minister fulfilled. He also exuded confidence that the Congress party would come to power in 2019 elections.
Another senior leader and opposition leader in the Legislative Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir said that Harish did everything for the TRS party, but suddenly KCR’s son and daughter landed in the party from America. He said that Harish has the attitude of working hard. Harish Rao has two years time, and at the same time TRS MLAs were in favour of Harish Rao’s leadership. He asked Harish Rao to do something now only, whether he backstabs or does something differently. Shabbir too exuded confidence that the Congress party would win the 2019 elections.
One has to wait for few more days to get clarity on the issue. (NSS)