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I will resign and leave the office within 5 minutes, says KCR

I will resign and leave the office within 5 minutes, says KCR

Severely censuring the Opposition parties for staging walkout even before completion of Governor’s speech, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has thrown a challenge at the former that he was ready to resign and leave the office within five minutes if the Opposition parties proved that his government was guilty. He also asserted that the House would run as per the rules and regulations and would not succumb to the pressure tactics of the Opposition parties or ruling party.  He also firmly said action would be taken as per rules of the House against any member, who disturbed it.


Addressing the House on extending thanks to Governor’s speech on Saturday, the Chief Minister asked the TDP members whether shouting was needed when the Governor was delivering his speech. Making it clear that the government would be tough if members obstruct the House without provocation, KCR said the Constitution permitted the House to suspend the members who obstructed the House. He opined that the whole world has adopted Parliamentary democracy and there was a need to the Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers, MPs, MLAs to see that they enhance prestige of the House among the people.

‘Shouting, disturbing House is not Heroism’

Referring to BJLP leader G Kishan Reddy’s comment that TRS MLAs had done the same in the united Andhra Pradesh Assembly, KCR said then the situation was different from now. “Shouting during the Governor’s speech was not heroism. This sort of stereo type system must be changed”, he said.

Finding fault with the Opposition leaders for inciting the unemployed youth to agitate, KCR asked the Opposition parties what they expected from them. “Power is not permanent to any political party. System matters and not individuals”, he said emotionally. Exhorting the youth not to destroy their future with needless agitation, the Chief Minister reiterated that his government would provide one lakh jobs to the youth. It was not proper for the Opposition members to ridicule the Governor’s speech. The Governor’s speech, in general, was a conceptual one and the Finance Minister will deliver detailed speech, he added.

Making it clear that the government was ready to run the House for the days the Opposition parties wanted, KCR said they would not keep quiet if the members tried to disturb the House. “The people would punish us if we did wrong by suspending the members from House. Peoples’ Court is ultimate. We will not compromise in running the House as per rules”, he claimed.  The Chief Minister said the government was providing power to the people 9,300MW peak load and the government was ready to provide additionally 1000MW more power if needed. He said that earlier there were ‘power holidays’ for two days in a week but now every day was energy day.

No political corruption in State now

Stating that political corruption was less in the Telangana state when compared with other States in the country, KCR said Congress leaders took lakhs of rupees from Anganwadis to give jobs. “I signed a file yesterday or day before clearing the file of recruitment of 4,000 anganwadis and assigned the job of completing the process to the District Collectors”, he said. It was not proper for the Opposition parties to dub the Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bhagiratha schemes as “Commission Kakathiya and Commission Baghiratha” schemes, he said and made it clear that action would be initiated if the Opposition parties failed to prove their allegations. “Prove or perish. The punishment must if the Opposition parties failed to prove their charges”, he said.

“We achieved Telangana facing severe hardships and we will not do injustice to the state. Redesigning of projects is not for the sake of me. But the opposition parties are alleging that corruption took place even in redesigning of projects”, he said. Alleging that the Congress party had the history of corruption, KCR made it clear that the governments’ have no right to do injustice to the people. The Prime Minister himself surprised at the 21 percent growth rate of Telangana and said that the Gujarat never crossed 11 percent growth rate, KCR said and wished the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to move forward with the same determination like demonetization of big notes. He said that the state government purchased 2000 MW slot in the Raichur-Sholapur power corridor and said that the government will achieve 10,000 MW power in future to lift the water from Palamuru-Rangareddy, Kaleswaram and Dindi projects. With provision of water, the rural economic growth would stir up, he said and assured that input subsidy will be given to the farmers affected with the hailstorm.

The Chief Minister said that the government will provide 4 lakh sheep on 75 percent subsidy to the Yadav community and said that the Yadva community would become a strong economic community by achieving Rs.20,000 crore within two and half years. Alleging that the previous Congress and TDP governments never concentrated on Yadav, Fisheries and Goud community, which have 40 lakh population, KCR said that the government would allot Rs.1000 crore to the 70-80 lakh populated MBCs this year. He said that the state government constructed 330 godowns in the state with 21 lakh metric tons capacity. There should be no dearth of seed and fertilizers in the state with the construction of godowns, he said.

Requesting TPCC Chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy not to curse the youngest Telangana State, KCR said the State government was giving pensions to 36 lakh people. The government constructed 119 residential schools for the BCs as part of KG-to-PG free education scheme. The government constructed residential college in every revenue division. It also constructed 201 minority residential schools across the State, he said and made it clear that his government would give 12 per cent reservation to the Muslims and STs on the lines of Tamil Nadu. He also said that the Sudheer Committee report has come and the BC Commission was touring the districts to take the opinion of the people on it. The state government constructed 2872 km new roads within two-and-a-half years and another 1500 km road would be laid in the near future. He said home guards’ salaries would be increased and their services would be regularized soon.

Cases won’t halt development process

Finding fault with the Congress party for filing cases against regularization of contract lecturers, KCR said the Congress approached the Green Tribunal on technical grounds to obstruct the construction of projects. He alleged that the Congress party inherited united Andhra Pradesh policy of obstructing development of Telangana. “Cases are mere speed breakers. We will complete the projects and double bed room houses at any cost”, he said. The State government created 21 new districts at one go, he said and urged the people that the TRS government would develop the hard-won Telangana State. The government would also provide one lakh jobs to the youth before 2019 elections, he said and asked the House to extend their support to the Governor’s speech. (NSS)