Monday , August 21 2017
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All women above 40 will be examined for breast cancer

Chandigarh: In its fight against cancer, the Punjab government has asked the state-run hospitals to encourage all women above 40 years of age visiting there to get themselves examined for any symptoms of breast cancer.

“The move is aimed at early detection of initial symptoms of breast cancer among the women. Any women detected with any abnormal lump or symptom will be referred for further investigations to rule out the possibility of breast cancer,” an official spokesman said here today.

He said, special emphasis will be on women who have a family history of any such cancer.

“The doctors will examine all women patients who volunteer for such physical examination,” he said, adding they would also be informed about the initial symptoms of cervical cancer.

Breast, cervical and uterus cancers are more common among women, whereas esophagus, prostate and oral cancers in men, he said.

Even the patients visiting dental out patient department (OPD) will be examined for any signs of abnormality in oral cavity and suspected patients will be persuaded for further investigations.

The health department would also provide educational material regarding cancers at the government hospitals and put up display boards.

Punjab government is committed to fighting the menace of cancer and a financial aid of Rs 1.50 lakh is granted from the Chief Minister’s Cancer Relief Fund to all cancer patients of the state for treatment in any of the empanelled hospitals, he said.