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Women are opting for C-sections instead of Natual delivery

Women are opting for C-sections instead of Natual delivery

New Delhi: More and more women are opting for Cesarean Sections instead of natural  and uncomplicated way to delivery even when there is no compelling medical reason to do so. Today C-sections make up about 40% of all births According to the World Health Organisation.

last week National Family Health Survey data has released that private hospitals had almost twice as many C-section deliveries as public or government hospitals.

Most of the woman believe that a c-section might help them minimize the pain or certain complications and Some feel that scheduling delivery is more convenient than waiting for labor and childbirth, allowing them to more easily arrange for maternity leave and extra help at home.

A couple named Neha and Santosh Singh were given February 5, as delivery date but they want their baby to be delivered on January 27 to coincide with their wedding anniversary.

Dr Anuradha Kapur, Neha’s doctor and the head of obstetrics and gynaecology at south Delhi’s Max Hospital. “Since it was a special day for her, she wanted her child to be born then,” she added, “She also had other complications, because of which we had to operate her. It worked out well for her.”

Dr Kapur said. “The main reason is that many only plan to have one child, and due to late marriages pregnancies are being meticulously planned.”

Twins or triplets are also contributing to the rise in the rate of Caesarean sections. After a c-section, the patient  face the difficulty of recovering from major surgery while caring for a newborn.

Doctors say they try and counsel couples, particularly the mothers, to go the natural way,“We also explain that the probability of delivering a second child normally drops by 50% if the first delivery is via C-section,” says Dr Bandana Sodhi, a senior ob-gyn consultant at New Delhi’s Moolchand Hospital. “Some do see reason,” adds Dr Kapoor, “but many remain adamant.”