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The word “Chandra (Moon)” is inauspicious for Telangana and A.P. – Shabbir

Hyderabad: It is a coincidence that the word “Chandra (Moon)” forms part of the names of both the CMs of Telangana and A.P. Is it inauspicious is a big question. Numerologists predicted that perhaps the word “Chandra (Moon)” is not a good sign for both the States.


Congress leader of opposition in Telangana Legislative Council, Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbir told that the pundits predicted that the situation will not be favorable for KCR after March 2017. It is quite likely that political situation in the state would create problems for the state. Mr. Shabbir further told that although he does not faith in Astrology but the predictions of the numerologists cannot be overlooked. He mentioned that during the nine year of Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu, A.P. faced drought and thousands of farmers committed suicide. In 2004, Congress assumed power and the monsoon situation in the State during the reign of Dr. YSR was satisfactory. After the bifurcation of Integrated A.P. , Telangana and  Andhra states were formed and both the CMs have “Chandra (Moon)” as part of their names and both the states are facing drought. He further said that he will not demand the change of CMs but he would pray to Allah (SWT) for better monsoon and end of drought. He also told that it is the responsibility of those who believe in Numerology to ask their relevant parties to take necessary steps. It has become a common notion that for the failure of monsoon, the rural of the state is responsible. If the governance is good, rain falls as a blessing. There instances in the past that after the change of CMs, monsoon was successful and the farmers grew better crops. At present, people are struggling for drinking water. Along with rural areas, urban areas are also facing problems of drinking water.



–Siasat News