Telangana Congress slams KCR Govt for unfulfilled promises

Hyderabad: Senior Congress leader and MLC S. Ramulu Naik and Chairman SC Dept. Telangana Congress, K. Maheshwar Raj addressing a press conference in Gandhi Bhavan on Unfulfilled promises by KCR in 2018 Elections.

On 16th April, 2017 – KCR has convened a Special Assembly Session on Sunday and passed a Bill to increase Reservation for Scheduled Tribes from 6% to 10%.

This looks appreciable but the conspiracy and deceive is that adding the Reservation for Muslims from 4% to 10% in the Same bill.

MS Education Academy

Central Government

SCs = 15%

BCs = 27%

STs = 07.5%

Central Govt. = 49.5%

Telangana State

SCs = 15 %

BCs = 29 %

STs = 06% (10%)

Muslims = 4% (12%)

Telangana Total = 50.00% (62%)

The proposed increase of Quota by KCR takes the Telangana State’s total reservation to 62%, way higher than cap of 50% prescribed by the Supreme Court in a Landmark 1992 Judgement. 69% was done by Parliament for Tamilnadu in 1994.

As per the Constitution of India, there is reservation for SCs / STs / OBCs. So any State Government can decide the Percentage of Quota for SCs / STs / OBCs as per population of SCs / STs / OBCs of that State and it should be within 50%.

For Example, The Central Government Quota for BCs is 27% and in Telangana, it is 25%. How Telangana Govt. has done this. The State Government has the power to decide the Percentage of Quota and send the Bill to Central Government for Approval.

Central Government – BJP Government has sent back Our Bill only because the Telangana Bill includes Reservation for Muslims. Modi has No Objection for Reservation for STs as per Population is there in Constitution. BJP has objection for Muslim Reservation as Muslim reservation is not in Constitution.

KCR is well aware of the simple fact that Muslim Reservation is not in Constitution of Inda and ST Reservation as per Population is there in Constitution. KCR is a cunning man and he doesn’t want to give ST Reservation as per Population. Cunning KCR doesn’t want to give Reservation for STs, so he included Muslim Reservation in the same Bill. If KCR is sincere and honest, he could have sent Two Bills to Modi, Separately for STs and Muslims. It is more than two years for the passing of the Bill in Telangana Assembly. There is no need for a Resolution in Telangana Assembly. Only small and 15 minutes exercise is that a typist can prepare two separate bills, One for STs and one for Muslims. We have No Objection for reservation for Muslims or anybody. We only want ST Reservation as per 2011 Census.

TEEJ Should be celebrated in all THANDAS, officially with Government Budget of five lakhs for each Thanda like Bonalu, Ramzan, Etc.

Banjara brothers should demand ST reservation, first instead of Red Carpet to KCR and TRS Leaders.

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