5G, X-Ray vision to be launched soon

Hyderabad: Work is going on at frantic pace to launch 5G and X-ray vision or see-through-wall radar technology. Through this technology, it will be possible to see through the walls.

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According to experts, this X-Ray vision technology can only work through the introduction of 5G technology.

The X-ray vision technology could be useful in locating survivors under the collapsed buildings due to earthquakes.

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Earthquakes lead to great destruction as homes crumble tall buildings turn to rubble people and animals are buried under the debris.

If the rescuers could see through the debris to spot survivors under the debris and generate images of the victims through this X-Ray Vision technology they can save people’s lives in record time.

Hence, this technology shall only be given to rescue agencies to save the people’s lives who are trapped under the rubble of collapse buildings..

However, there are apprehensions that such a technology could be misused as anybody can use this technology to find out what people are doing within the privacy of their homes.

The previous versions of the technology which have been in use by the security agencies for several years to find out whether or not a person is present in a room.

Currently, the pictures taken through this technology shall be akin to x-rays pictures of humans and animals.

According to a report published in Scroll.in this X-Ray vision technology will make it possible to determine how many occupants are present behind any wall or barrier.

This technology could also be use to track individuals’ movements and determine from a distance the entire layout of a building to find out any hidden weapons.

The facial recognition and the see-through-wall technology had been under development since the cold war as a way to replace drilling holes through the walls for spying.

Apart from being useful for the emergency services, for law enforcement and military the technology could also be used to monitor the elderly and check their health status with infections like covid-19 from outside the hospital room.

Soon this X-Ray Vision technology can create images of people’s faces that are accurate enough for facial recognition system to identify people behind the walls.

It was not long ago prior to the spread of Corona pandemic when all the governments around the world routinely deny the existence of facial recognition technology for live tracking the individuals.

However, after the spread of coronavirus almost all the governments launched apps in no time to live track not only the Corona patients but all those who come in contact with them as a measure to control the pandemic.

But once the facial recognition technology and its use become public the governments assured their populations that the technology would not be used to track the individuals.

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