75 yrs after Hitler, Nazism is rising: Akash Banerjee

New Delhi: Almost to the day – 75 years ago – a cornered Hitler took his own life and with it came to end an evil reign – however when an authoritarian government takes over – there is a lot more politics involved than just brute power.

A large number of people work to spread propaganda, intelligence is used to cripple any voice of dissent and most of the time there is a community to blame – all this becomes part of a fascist ideology….Hitler may be dead but is the ideology he mastered – coming back to haunt humanity??

In Nazi Germany Hitler indoctrinated the common people of Germany and filled them with hate against the Jewish population. The Jews were persecuted and made slaves in their own country. Despite the Holocaust ending just 75 years ago – many parts of the world are making the same mistake – many are being unable to see the same signals that were there in the Germany of 1930s

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In this episode of TheDeshBhakt, Akash Banerjee has navigated us through the years that Nazis came into power and decimated the opposition / the media / the Jews … what were the tools they used? what was the blame game played??? Can society today see where do such moves lead to???? Can we realise that being a mute spectator to hate is NOT an answer?

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