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Muslims should focus on their faith: Amer Ali Khan

Muslims should focus on their faith: Amer Ali Khan

Hyderabad: In the present context, people have lost hope in religious and political leaders. The people themselves have taken up the civil movement.

These thoughts were expressed by Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily while addressing a protest meeting organised by ‘Young India Organisation’ at Indira Park Yesterday.

Continuing his speech, Mr. Amer Ali Khan told that raising voice against atrocities is part of Islamic teachings.

He advised the younger generation not to get disappointed. He told them to turn to Allah (SWT)

In order to substantiate his argument, Mr. Amer Ali Khan narrated an incident in which a citizen went to the forest and recited “Darud-E-Shareef” for one thousand times.

When he came back to the habitation, the cruel king was killed.

He also asked the youths to chant the names of Allah (SWT) regularly every day.

Mr. Amer Ali Khan criticized the wrong polices of Govt. of India and said that no one can suspect the patriotism of the Muslims.

He said that the Muslims to offer prayers for five times every day and pray for the peace and tranquillity of the country.

He slammed the Govt. that is making an effort to consolidate its 30% vote bank.

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