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Arba Technology: Leader in POS software – Here’re the details

Arba Technology: Leader in POS software – Here’re the details
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USA: Arba Technology (DBA Arba Retail Systems) is a leader in POS software, and is based out of Naperville, Illinois, USA. During the last 40 years, the organization has been in the forefront of technical, product, and business process innovations. Results – continuous product improvements, which have retained our wide and diverse customer base which includes large hospitals, hospital networks, universities and corporations. Over the years Arba Technology received several prominent awards and accolades including the best software product company in Naperville, IL 3 years in a row.

Zohra and Arshad Osmani, the chief executives of Arba Technology have been instrumental in ramping the company’s revenue by modernizing the software and migrating all associated legacy systems to cloud enabled product software running on the intelligent cloud. They are supported by an excellent management team which includes Irfan Osmani, VP of Operations, and Digital Marketing. Irfan is a physician by profession, but an ARBA executive by choice.

Paternal ancestry includes who’s who in Hyderabad, including barristers, judges, members of civil service, ministers like Mahmood Yar Jung, and maternal ancestry includes highly educated women, including the first female recipient to be awarded a Ph.D. from Osmania University, who subsequently worked as Director of Research at Regional Research Laboratory, and retired after 34 years. She is the mother of Arshad Osmani, who has mentored dozens of Ph.D. candidates (for subsequent Ph.D. award) including many women under her tutelage. Arshad’s siblings include a renowned Chicago are surgeon, an engineering executive with Motorola who has several engineering and cellular patents, and a renowned Chicago area psychiatrist. Arshad and Zohra have 4 children, daughter Saba and son Imran are both Physicians, Irfan as mentioned is physician too, who is contributing his medical and clinical knowledge in developing patient care software at Arba Technology. Youngest son, Faizan just started working towards his MD program.

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