Autistic Disorder in children; explained by a specialist

Hyderabad: Sonu‘s parents both employees in IT observed that Sonu`s behavior was different from other kids. They were worried and approached psychiatrist.

The doctor observed and examined Sonu and said he was showing symptoms of autism. He explained it as follows autism is characterized symptoms from each of the following three categories.

1.      Qualitative impairment in social interaction

2.      Impairment in communication

3.      The restricted, repetitive and stereotyped pattern of behavior or interests

The autistic disorder is believed to occur at the rate of 8 cases per 10000 children (0.008%) and occurs before three years of age. it is four to five times common in boys than girls.

When we use the reasons one of the main fractures is genetic factors around 4 to 5 genes are involved. Studies say that chromosomes 7, 2,4,15 and 19 are likely contributed to bases to autism. Biological factors like mental retardation and seizers also seen.

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Symptoms to identify are qualitative impairment in social interaction like lack of social smile, poor eye contact, not much attachment with parents, sibling, and teachers. Shows extreme anxiety when their daily routine disrupted. They will be skilled in spatial tasks. They lack a theory of mind that is unable to understand others feeling.

Disturbance in communication is seen with toys and objects are often manipulated features. The activities and play of these children are often repetitive, rigid and monotonous.

They will be unstable in mood response to a sensory stimulus that will be different. For the same hipper stimulus for some hippo stimulus.

The goals of the treatment for children with autistic disorder are to target behavior that will improve their abilities to integrate into the school, develops meaningful peer relationship and increase the livelihood of maintaining independent living as adults.

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Educational and behavioral interventions are currently considered the treatment of choice. Structured classroom training in combination with the behavioral methods is the most effective treatment and in some cases, the low dose of anti-psychotics can be prescribed by a psychiatrist.

If your child is having any of the symptoms not to worry as there are many famous personalities like Albert Einstein, Newton, tom cruise Steve jobs, etc. who have autism but still shined in their lives. As a parent, you need to understand and know more about autism and guide your child with a better quality of life.

We followed the doctor’s advice and now our Sonu in much better.

Dr. A. Shekar Reddy,
Consultant Neuro Psychiatrist,
KIMS Hospitals, Secunderabad


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