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Bihar: NDA grabs Muslim majority seats as well

Bihar: NDA grabs Muslim majority seats as well

Patna: There are 14 such Lok Sabha seats in Bihar where Muslims are in majority. The Muslim population ranges from 11 to 68 pc in those constituencies. Kishanganj has the maximum Muslim population of 68 pc. This is the only seat which is won by Congress, the remaining 13 are won by NDA candidates.

The number of Muslim voters in Katihar is 44 pc. JD (U)’s Dulal Chandra Goswami won the seat with 50 pc votes.
Araria BJP’s Pradeep Singh got 52.87 votes where Muslim voters are 42 pc.
Muslim candidates were in the fray in all the 3 above mentioned constituencies.

RJD’s Abdul Bari Siddiqui got just 33.02 pc votes in Darbhanga, while BJP’s Gopal Gee Thakur got 60.79 pc votes. These figures refute the claim of voting on religious grounds. Darbhanga has 23 pc Muslim voters.

East Champaran and Sitamarhi have 21 pc Muslims voters; in both the constituencies NDA candidates won with a margin of more than 50 pc votes.

Siwan and Madhubani have 18 pc Muslim voters. JDU’s Kavita Singh won in Siwan defeating Hina Shahab w/o Mohammed Shahabuddin.

In Madhubani, BJP’s candidate Ashok Kumar Yadav set a record by getting 61.83 pc votes.

Apart from that, Bhagalpur, Sheohar, Begusarai and Khagaria seats were also won by NDA candidates.

4 Muslims from the state went to Lok Sabha in 2014, but this time the number reduced to just two.

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