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BJP Faults KTR having Review Meeting with Officials

BJP Faults KTR having Review Meeting with Officials

Hyderabad: Mr. N. Indrasena Reddy today wondered whether there wa any Government working in the State because even as several Mandals are reeling under drought due to scarcity of rainfall the Government is mum over the issue.

Addressing a press conference here today Mr. N. Indrasena Reddy along with Mr. Sudhakar Sharma Bhaskar and other BJP leaders alleged that even though 400 mandals are suffering from severe drought the TRS Government has remained quiet .The Government instead of conducting a review meeting to mitigate the sufferings of the farmers is concerned about other issues in the State while drought is haunting the farmers in the face.

Mr. Indrasena Reddy said that there was scarcity of rainfall in the State and thousands of farmers were facing severe drought . Hence he demanded Government to come out with a white paper on rainfall and drought condition in the State .

The KCR Government has failed on many counts including the EAMCET, Intermediate results, missing cases Engineering fees, School fees issue etc .

Reffering to the KTRs recent meeting Mr. Indrasena Reddy criticized him for conducting a review meeting and said that he is behaving like a defacto Chief Minister . As an MLA what authority KTR has to conduct review meetings. If at all he can conduct his review meets in Sircilla from where he is the MLA but not convene meetings in Hyderabad . Strongly criticizing him for the same Mr Indrasena Reddy said that if he is so interested let the Chief Minister give him the Deputy Chief Ministers post Such meetings are illegal as he is supersceeding his authority and this needs to be corrected Mr. Indrasen Reddy said.

Reacting to the comments made by TRS leaders on Amit Shah’s visit to Hyderabad and his proposed visit every month Mr.Indrasena Reddy alleged that the TRS was afraid that there will be law and order issue in the State besides poaching of MLAs and MPs and that the BJP Amit Shah was behaving like a Razakar Mr. Indrasen Reddy recated strongly and said that it is not the BJP who has razakars as its members but the TRS which has a coalition with MIM who are Razakars followers .Razakars are with you Mr. Indrasen Reddy Chided and added that Those who indulge in violence are with the TRS meaning MIM .

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