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CAA:Roger Waters reads out Aamir Aziz’s ‘Sab Yaad Rakkha Jayega’

Roger describes CAA as Modi’s fascist racist, Citizenship Law

CAA:Roger Waters reads out Aamir Aziz’s ‘Sab Yaad Rakkha Jayega’

London: The guitarist, Roger Waters, the founder of legendary progressive rock band Pink Floyd, read out the English translation of ‘Sab Yaad Rakkha Jayega’, a poem by poet and Jamia Millia Islamia student Aamir Aziz. Roger recited the poem while protesting in London against the extradition of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange.

Introducing Aamir Aziz to the audience, Waters said Aamir Aziz is a young poet and activist in Delhi who is involved in a fight against Modi and his fascist, racist Citizenship law”.

He recited the following verses.
Everything will be remembered
“Kill us, we will become ghosts and write
of your killings, with all the evidence.
You write jokes in court;
We will write ‘justice’ on the walls.
We will speak so loudly that even the deaf will hear.
We will write so clearly that even the blind will read.
You write ‘injustice’ on the earth;
We will write ‘revolution’ in the sky.

“This kid’s got a future” Roger said about Aziz.

Audience cheered and applauded the poem. Aamir’s poem ‘Sab yaad rakkha Jayega’ went viral on social media during the anti-CAA protests.

Watch original poem of Aamir Aziz:

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