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Clip of NZ PM’s two years performance in 2 mins goes viral

The popularity of the 37-year-old Prime Minister with an overseas audience has been incredibly high

Clip of NZ PM’s two years performance in 2 mins goes viral
Image: Screengrab

NEW DELHI: A video clip of Jacinda Ardern recounting the performance since becoming the Prime Minister of New Zealand is goes viral on social media platforms. 

Rapidly recapitulating

In the two minute video to mark her two years, the smiling leader of the Labour Party has stunned the world by rapidly recapitulating her government’s key achievements.

The list includes creating 92,000 jobs , planting 140 million of trees, built over 2200 state-funded houses, increasing minimum wage and bringing the unemployment to the lowest rate in 11 years.

Watch the video below:

To mark two years in Government, I was issued a wee challenge…

Gepostet von Jacinda Ardern am Freitag, 1. November 2019

The footage tweeted by New Zealand journalist Ashleigh Stewart went viral on social media and impressed millions across the globe.


Ardern’s popularity

Ms Ardern’s popularity has skyrocketed after an unexpected victory in New Zealand’s 2017 election.

The popularity of the 37-year-old Prime Minister with an overseas audience has been incredibly high.

Chirstchurh shooting

Ms Ardern won hearts with much compassionate and appreciated response to the deadly twin Chirstchurh mosque shooting in New Zealand which killed at least 51 people in March 2019.

She told grieving Muslim families, “We cannot know your grief, but we can walk with you at every stage.”

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