Country faces danger only with Hindus

In 2014, BJP fought election by creating fear of the Muslims inside the country and now they are creating fear psychosis of Pakistanis. If anyone says anything to support the cause of the Muslims, He is treated as traitor. BJP coined a different definition of patriotism. If they want to unite the Country, they should abolish caste system among the Hindus.

If there is any hindrance for national integration, it is the Hindu community. So far, no Dalit has occupied the post in “Sangh Pariwar” or Sangh Sarsanchalak.

When objections were raised against the anti Dalit attitude of BJP, it gave representation to Daits in the national executive for a short period.

MS Education Academy

Mr. Udit Raj told that three years back, he had told PM Mr. Modi that out of 41 state incharges not even one belonged to Dalit . He pleaded ignorance. No action was taken in this regard.

RSS and BJP want a Dalit but not a leader. Mr. Udit Raj recalled that in 1990, when Mr. V.P Singh implemented reservation as recommended by Mandal Commission, Mr. L.K. Advani took out Rath
Yatra to conter it.

Mr. Raj further told that RSS and BJP are not interested in constructing Ram Mandir. He quoted a senior RSS leader who said in a high level meeting that RSS in not a fool to construct Ram Temple.

When BJP was not in Power, it wanted to grab power for constructing Ram Mandir. They brought the bill to cancel Triple Talaq system among the Hindus but they are not bothered about the destitute women in the Hindu community.

They opposed Supreme Court Judgment on Sabrimalai Temple when it allowed entry to women under the pretext of non-interference in religious matter.

If the percentage of child marriages and Love Jihad is examined, it will be Known that majority of child marriages of the Hindus have taken place with the Muslims.

BJP and RSS workers treat cow as mother but when it dies, its cremation is done by Dalits. If people take care of the cow, one in a family, the cows won’t be seen wandering on the roads.
They make an attempt to bring back to their fold those Dalits who have become Muslim, but the question is in which sect they would be included.

In many temples, Dalits do not get entry. If Dalits had received good treatment by the Hindu community, why would they have become Muslims?.

What is the danger from the Muslim?

Out of 72 Ministers, only one is a Muslim and he also occupices an un important portfolio. Among the secretaries of Govt of India, there not a single Muslim. Out of 27 Judges of the Supreme Court, only one Judge is a Muslim. All the owners of TV channels and editors of Newspapers are the Hindus. Among the major industrialists, barring a few, all are the Hindus. In the fields of Jobs and education, the Muslim have negligible representation. In private sector also there seems to be no participation of the Muslims. In all these facts, they say that there is a danger from the Muslims.

They imitate European model wherein there is one language, one law and one religion.

When the ideology of Hindutva is reviwed, they opine that whatever RSS and BJP do not like they are all anti national.

The greatest danger to this country is from the Hindus and not from the Muslims

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