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Culling of dogs by Siddipet municipality begets serious condemnation; action against culprits demanded

Culling of dogs by Siddipet municipality begets serious condemnation; action against culprits demanded

Mohammed Hussain


Hyderabad: Over 50 dogs were killed within 24 hours and buried by the Siddipet Municipal Corporation in Siddipet, about 80 km from Hyderabad.

A video of the mass killing of the dogs has gone viral. The dogs have been killed without any obvious reason. The video has jolted the animal activists and others alike across the country.

Mr. Joel Davis, Commissioner Municipal Corporation at Siddipet says, “A case has been registered under relevant sections; we are trying to recover bodies of the dogs. Once we are finished with the initial investigation, we will see what action has to be taken.”

A girl in the video who is sobbing uncontrollably said that these were the same dogs she fed regularly and raised.

A municipal worker says he and his colleagues acted because of an order from the higher officials.

“Watching the video will any person sick in the stomach. Why these municipal workers so merciless,” asked Yadgiri, a resident of Siddipet.

A team of activists from Hyderabad went to the spot and found the bodies thrown at a local dump yard in Siddipet following no hygienic procedure.

A case has been booked under Prevention of Cruelty Against the Animal Act.

Pravallika, Animal Rights Activist, who contacted the district collector of Siddipet has filed a complaint against the Municipal Corporation.

She said, “Telangana has now become infamous for mass dog culling.”

Deven Baheti, who started a first pet café in Hyderabad says, “It is unfortunate that a step like this has been taken. We’re talking about lives here. We have no right to cull these many innocent lives for no reason. But it is good to see the unity amongst pet lovers. They are going out of there in spreading awareness about saving animals. They also want strict action against such horrendous acts.”

Mohammad Adil Alam Khan from Hyderabad Kennels Club said, “This is what all municipalities in Telangana are doing to remove dogs. Complete violation of ABC rules. No dignity, no hygiene and not scientific. It is a mindless slaughter of dogs.”

Another person who is involved in saving the dogs, Mohammed Moinuddin of Ammu’s Pets & Kennels said that this is inhuman. The municipal corporation should be taken to task for these killings.”

He also said that he and his friends have been promoting the campaign to adopt stray dogs in the city.

Hari Narayan, Animal Rights Activist, said, “The municipal corporation should run a campaign for the adoption of stray dogs. I have been running a campaign for the last few years. There are many people who are interested to adopt stray dogs.”

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