Diets, workouts play key role in health

A story that can inspire people to take care of their health


By Subhatul

As I remember, 2019 was about to end, probably somewhere around November or December.

I started feeling extremely exhausted, depression was at its peak, my mind was always filled with negative thoughts and self-doubt. I was pushing myself through everything. Interaction with my kids, always culminated into confrontations. My classes were not as interactive, as they were before. I developed extreme dissatisfaction regarding my life, to be precise my existence itself. The bottom line is, I was in a bad state.

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I didn’t want to sulk being surrounded by the darkness.

I just thought, maybe my thyroid levels aren’t in the normal range or probably fluctuating, as I am suffering from hypothyroidism for the past 10 years and am on medication for the same. I   decided to get my diagnostic tests done. Booked a slot and the lab technician was at my place. I just decided to go ahead with a more comprehensive blood test, including vitamins and of course, sugar levels. The sample was collected at home and the reports came, on the same day.

My thyroid profile had all readings within a normal range, but HBA1C and vitamin D levels were troubling. I was taken aback. I never thought that sugar fluctuations might have already crept in. I was extremely tense for a couple of days. However, I didn’t want things to get worse and be dependent on lifelong medications. The sugar level before and after the food was at the borderline. I did exhaustive research on diabetes, different types and how it impacts the human body. I also went through multiple articles on its reversal. The impact of diabetes scared the hell out of me.

The first thing that I did, took care of my diet, extensively engage in physical activities, cut down carbohydrates and sugar, include vegetables and fruits and minimize oil intake.

I started with my HBA1C at 6.9 in January 2020. My next blood test was in April. The HBA1C was considerably down to 6.2. I still needed to bring it down further to a normal range. I continued extensive workouts, maintaining 12k steps in a day, taking immense care of my diet curtailing sugar to the max. I used stevia drops for my morning tea, though it tasted horrible, I still managed. I started vitamin D supplements simultaneously.

With time, my physical, mental and psychological conditions showed remarkable improvement. The next test was in November and this time, my HBA1C was at 5.9. The next test was in January 2021, and my HBA1C had finally reached 5.7. I was delighted and extremely content to realize, that when we take things in our hands, put in I effort, remain consistent, then nothing can stop us.

It’s also worth mentioning that I lost 10kgs, in 10 months. This weight loss is healthy, as I didn’t resort to crazy diets. This time, I wanted to get into a sustainable model.

I just made my plan, keeping nutrition as my priority. I must admit that during this process, I was consistent, adhered to diet, never missed step count and workouts.

My overall health improved, my energy level was back, my days started to be more productive, my sessions exhibited improved engagement.  My state of mind has gained, what it had lost before.

I am so grateful that I could do this to myself. I retained my lost confidence.

The moral of the story is, take things in your hand, put yourself into it, and then you are unstoppable.

Changes in diet:

*Reduced carbs intake

*Inclusion of oats

*Curtailing sugar (refined), the inclusion of jaggery (non-refined) rather

*Snacking on nuts, seeds and roasted grams

*Portion control

*Fruits, green leafy vegetables

*Increased protein intake

Lean meat/ fish/ chicken (in a balanced way)


*30 minutes power walk by Leslie Sansone (an aerobic constituent)

*Resistance training or weight training alternatively for 15 to 20 minutes

*Maintaining a minimum of 10k steps

This transformation has reinstated, my belief that if you decide to do something, you have to take ownership, you have to move in the right direction with consistency.

I hope my story inspires people in taking care of their health.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, so before you start things for yourself, get yourself thoroughly examined, and then come up with a customized plan for yourself. What worked for me, might not work for you.

My journey is still on, it’s important to celebrate every milestone that I achieved.

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