From Shweta’s secrets to naked MP, here are epic fails in Zoom meets during pandemic

Ever since COVID-19 broke out, it has been crazy across the world. We were stuck at homes and meeting people only was possible in virtual mode. But, in the insanity, the laughs brought about by epic fails in virtual meetings kept us sane.

In India, social media made one ‘Shweta’ popular after a video of an online class went viral, where the girl continued with her phone call while she was not muted. Memes flooded, and no Shweta is peaceful on the internet now.

Zoom, Google Meets and other video chat services were few of the sources which facilitated meetings during the pandemic. From children’s classes to adult’s work meetings, everything has been dependent on these smart video chats, since last year.

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Let us have a look at the best and most hilarious video chat fails, which spread laughs and a bit of awkwardness.

1. Shweta unveiling secrets: In a video clip that went viral on the internet, we saw in a Zoom class with more than 20 students, a girl named Shweta unknowingly talks about the secrets of a sex-addict friend. The story came to public ears as Shweta, instead of muting the microphone, ended up muting the speaker.

2. Work meet while driving: In Ohio state this month, Senator Andrew Brenner tried to pretend he was working on the virtual meeting while he was driving.

Coincidentally, the meeting was about how dangerous and distracting driving can be fatal. The senator tried a filter to make it look as if he was at his home during the meeting but the clearly visible seat belt gave away his actual location. The Senator received severe criticism and got trolled for it.

3. Upside down filter: A US Republican congressman had his head floating upside down in a Zoom meeting in February this year, which drew laughter from other participants and the representative Tom Emmer did not immediately realise he was appearing upside down to his colleagues, until asked by a colleague if he was ok.

4. Wife attempts to kiss: During a zoom video call, a woman tried to kiss her husband without knowing the camera was switched on. The video went viral on the internet. It shows a man talking when his wife enters the room and bends to kiss him. The man dodges her and says, “What nonsense is this, Camera is on.” The wife then passed an embarrassed smile to her angry husband.

5. Accidentally naked on parliamentary meeting: William Amos, the MP of Quebec, Canada accidentally showed up naked in front of a Parliamentary zoom meeting which was being broadcasted live.

The incident took place after he came back from a jog, and was changing clothes. The meeting automatically had already started on the laptop as he is a default member and as the camera was left on from the last meeting. The pics went viral on twitter.  

6. A hilarious shutdown for the interview: Former British PM Gordon Brown was caught slam-shutting his laptop computer during a morning TV show. Gordon appeared to be continuing something but the program host did not realize and interrupted to which he reacted with impatience which caused a little awkward ending to the show.

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