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Girl threatens to cut her throat in police station

Girl threatens to cut her throat in police station

Hyderabad: A young girl in an intoxicated state barged into the room of the Inspector of police, SR Nagar and threatened to cut her throat.

She was irritated that the police did not arrest the parents of the boy who had exploited her sexually and later refused to marry her.

The police inspector got wonderstruck and tried to take away the knife from her hands. In this attempt, he got his had wounded.

According to the report of the police, Chandrashekar sexually exploited Manjula, alias Harika (25). On the complaint made by her, the youth was sent to jail.

However, the girl who is a private employee had demanded the police to arrest the parents of the boy since she alleged that they were also involved in the crime.

The girl who was clad in veil sought permission to meet the inspector of police, Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar and entered into his room.

Police seized a knife and six SIM cards. Police found that the girl is addicted to using intoxicating drugs.

Police arrested the girl and started an investigation.

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