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Gurdwara plays Good Samaritan with langar to migrant workers

Gurdwara plays Good Samaritan with langar to migrant workers

Ludhiana: The coronavirus pandemic left the country’s migrant workers to fend for themselves as the ensuing lockdown deprived them of work, housing and means to return home.

Now that trains are being allowed to run, many are transporting migrants back to their abodes. Staying true to Sikh tradition of service to humanity, the Rara Sahib Gurdwara Sangat in Ludhiana has been serving meals to migrant workers at the Railway Station. They are also keeping in mind the hygienic conditions required for such service.

Be it serving food to Shaheen Bagh protestors during the harsh Delhi winter or to migrant workers undertaking long journeys back home, Gurdwaras have always stepped up to help people in distress. The tradition of langar (the serving of free meals served to all visitors by volunteers of Sikh gurdwaras) is a part of seva, a core tenet of the Sikh faith. Volunteers associated with the Rara Sahib Gurdwara in Ludhiana have been doing so with factory-like efficiency via a mechanised packing system. As the trays approach the volunteers on the assembly line, they fill up the different slots of the plate with different dishes.

After the tray gets filled with all the food items, it is heated up in a food packing tray. Most of the volunteers are wearing gloves and face masks to ensure that hygienic standards are being adhered to in such pandemic-ridden times.

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