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Harsh Mander slams government over CAA

Harsh Mander slams government over CAA

New Delhi: The protests against CAA are not going to end in New Delhi. As the time passes, such protests are increasing.

Jamia Millia Islamia

The incident of police lathi charge and bursting of tear gas shells on the agitating students of Jamia Millia Islamia has added fuel to the fire, after which a voluntary organization under the banner ‘Not in my name’ organized dharna programme at New Delhi’s Jantar Mantar.

A large number of people belonging to various sects and religions attended the meeting and raised their voice against the policies of the Govt. They clearly told that Govt. wants to fulfill its objective to entangle the Hindus and the Muslims in the issue of CAA.

Since people have become aware, the evil designs of the Govt. will not be fulfilled.

The people who registered their protest at Jantar Mantar included men, women, professors, lawyers, intellectuals, Engineers and a large number of burqa clad women.

They were holding placards in their hands which depicted “we won’t allow desecrating the constitution”.

Harsh Mander

Addressing the gathering on this occasions, former bureaucrat and social activist, Mr. Harsh Mander told that through CAA, the constitution of India has been assassinated. In this way, the Govt. has opened the doors for war. The three which have been labeled as the enemies of the country are: the first is the Indian Muslim, the second one is the liberal minded Indians and third is the Constitution of India, which prevent the Govt. to function at its whims and fancies.

Mr. Harsh Mander told that the Muslims of India decided to live in this country “by choice” and the other persons are the citizens of this country, “by chance”.

He reiterated that the people of India would continue to struggle legally against this law till the time it gets its genuine right.

He further told that a Hindu should accompany the Muslim if the latter is sent to detention camp.

Mr. Mander suggested public to boycott the policies of the Govt. It remains to be seen how many detention camps does the Govt. prepare?, Mr. Mander said.

He affirmed that people should fight unitedly.

President of Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat Mr. Naveed Hamid told that this law is an attack on the integrity and the Constitution of India. It is a plan to take India toward anarchy. It is an old dream of the RSS to confront the Muslims and the Hindus against each other on the basis of religion.
He suggested people to come out of their houses to oppose CAA.

Mr. Rahul Roy told that those who want to break the country are the traitors. He condemned the action taken by the Delhi Police against protesting students of Jamia Millia Islamia.

Imam of Anglo-Arabic School, Delhi, Mufti Mohammed Qasim told that it is the country of Mahatma Gandhi, it will not follow the thoughts of Godse.

He further told that the nations which resort to violence and cruelty won’t be successful.

Poet and scientist, Gawhar Raza condemned the action taken by the Govt. to allow 100 railway routes to private parties. These are our assets which the Govt. is selling, he added.

CPI leader, Mr. D. Raja told that the Govt. is not bothered about the worries of the people. It wants to implement the agenda of the RSS.

It wants to turn India into a ‘Hindu State’ by 2025. They are, therefore, targeting the Muslims. Ms. Syeda Hameed and other ladies were also protesting on this occasion.

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