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Honesty of Saudi shopkeeper applauded

Honesty of Saudi shopkeeper applauded

Makkah: A Saudi shopkeeper exhibiting his honesty deposited a huge amount of an Indian Haj pilgrim who had forgotten it at his shop.

According to the details, an Indian Haj pilgrim went to his shop for purchasing articles and forgot his bag containing Re. 1 lakh Indian currency.

It is presumed that he was part of the group which went to Makkah after getting off the plane in Jeddah. The Saudi shopkeeper informed the incident to the Haj volunteer of Telangana State and handed over the photographs of the Haj pilgrim obtained from CCTV camera. This photograph is being circulated among all the Indian Haj pilgrims to trace out the real owner of the bag.

The tag attached to the Haj pilgrim contains the bus number through which he travelled from Jeddah to Makkah. The Saudi shopkeeper requested the Haj volunteer of TS to find out the whereabouts of the person so that his bag could be handed over to him.

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