How our character should be? Wali Rahmani

New Delhi: Wali Rahmani is a 21-year old social activist and a student of law in Delhi. He is the founder of “Umeed India”. He addresses to the youth and says he has observed that the character of Muslim youths in Delhi is diminishing. They have started using bad words, slandering their parents and they talk casually in the same way. He questions whether our Prophet (pbuh) has taught this lesson to us. During his three-month stay in Delhi, he did not come across any youngster who talks decently. They have forgotten to talk with love and respect. Everyone seems to have superiority complex. They depreciate others and think themselves as superior. He asks why our Prophet (mpbuh) was bestowed with prophet hood at the age of 40? He says, it took 40 years for our prophet to build his character. When he mounted a hill and asked the people of Makkah if they would believe him if he said there is a battalion of soldiers at the back of that hill? The people of Makkah said: “Muhammad (mpbuh), you are truthful and sincere; the whole world could lie and cheat but you can’t O Muhammad”.

Every Muslim can become sincere, truthful: Wali Rahmani

Wali Rahmani says, every Muslim of this country and this world can become sincere and truthful. Sincerity and truthfulness are our ornaments; why did we throw them away? If you want to make your character, make it like Omar bin al Khattab. When the people of Palestine put forward a condition that they wanted to see Omar before he becomes their Caliph, he visited Palestine with a camel and one of his slaves. There was a deal between Omar and his slave that one of them would ride the camel and the other would hold the rope in turns. When they were about to enter Palestine, it was his slave’s turn to ride the camel and Omar had to hold the rope. His slave asked Omar to ride on the camel and that he would hold the rope because the Christians and Jews of Palestine would be gathering to see him. In spite of being the ruler of one third of the world, Omar refused to do so saying, that it was his turn so he should hold the camel’s rope.

Wali Rahmani questions about today’s VIPs, MLAs and MPs attitude. He says, when Omar entered Palestine he was holding the rope of the camel and his shirt which he was wearing had 17 patches. When the Christians and Jews of Palestine saw him they said if this man is going to be the Caliph of Palestine, they did not have any objection. This was the modesty of Omar bin Khattab.

We have forgotten way of life of Prophet: Rahmani

Wali Rahmani says, we have to scream and cry for today’s youth to mend their characters and attitude as a model for others. Today, Muslims have to shout to prove their truthfulness and sincerity. He asks us to make our character so humble, that people should say, this person cannot do anything wrong; he is a man of good characters, how could his ancestors have done injustice to us. He quotes Mahatma Gandhi who said, if you want to learn good governance, live the life of Omar bin Khattab. He questions why our mosques are confined only for praying five times a day? Why is our Imam (leader) restricted to lead only prayers? Imam is the leader of an area. He further said, why can’t we fix drinking water taps for the passersby? Why can’t we keep open the toilets of the mosques for others. We can keep open our toilets for the women on the road. He says, if a passerby is thirsty, he should not search for water, he should know that he can quench his thirst in a mosque. He asks us to imagine that if a Hindu family is passing in front of a mosque and they are thirsty and are in need to get relieved, they must be able find the facility at the mosque. Wali Rahmani questions if we had done so, would we have to lead a life of humiliation today? He said that we have forgotten the way of life of our Prophet Muhammad (mpbuh). He was the sponsor of the orphans, he embraced them, he hugged them. Wali Rahmani asks us whether we know how many orphans are there in our locality? He further states that our Prophet (mpbuh) married the widows; do we know how many widows are there in our locality? Our Prophet (mpbuh) has taught us to talk with love to those who hate you and who scold you; pray for them. He requests us to mend our characters and asks to always remember this verse of The Qur’an:
Say (O Muhammad SAW): “O Allah! Possessor of the kingdom, You give the kingdom to whom You will, and You take the kingdom from whom You will, and You endue with honour whom You will, and You humiliate whom You will. In Your Hand is the good. Verily, You are Able to do all things. [Surah Aal-E-Imran 26]

Wali Rahmani says, today we are living a life of humility because it is a punishment from Allah. If we just mend our characters and that day is not far when we once again recover our lost status.

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