Human passion for sacrifice teaches brotherhood

The proponent of modern Philosophy Karl Marx presented the theory that human life gets more affected with material objects that the spiritual values and that the evolution of mankind is not the result of any social, moral or intellectual factors but due to material changes.

The causes of inequality in society have always been two classes of society, the capitalists and the workers.

Social evolution takes place only through struggles. When a social system is replaced by another one, the opposition is bound to occur. It was presumed that this thought will divide the world into two groups namely; the thought and philosophy.

This theory got popularized throughout the world. The working class found relief into it. After a long struggle, the world thought over it seriously but it had to bow down before the demands of the working class.

Marx showed the workers how they get exploited. For him, all the democratic institutions were farce which did not benefit the workers.

If considered seriously, the state is a corporate group in which all of us mutually extend our cooperation.

According to Aristotle, the state was created for life and its existence is for a pleasant life. Marx opined that the state was never an institution to take care of the welfare of the people and it can’t be.

Mr. Ahmed Javeed in his article gave the details of Bhai Noor Alam’s Pathashala which is the Urdu learning center of Urdu Directorate of Govt. of Bihar.

Mr. Noor Alam teaches Urdu to everyone who is eager to learn Urdu.

All the students and the teachers were in a cordial mood.

Mr. Javeed stressed the need for the countrymen to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha, Rakhi Poonam and Independence Day Jointly to exhibit national integration

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