I do not support CAA-NRC, it divides my house: Pooja Bhatt

NEW DELHI: Bollywood actor and director Pooja Bhatt has said that she doesn’t support the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and asserted that dissent is the greatest form of patriotism.

“My opinion of CAA and NRC is that I do not support it because it divides my house and whatever or anyone who divides my house I am going to stand up and protest against until my last breath,” she said at a conference organised to demonstrate against the new law.

Shaheen Bagh

The actor further lauded the student protesters and women at Shaheen Bagh and urged the leaders of the country to listen and have a dialogue with the protesters instead of demonising them.

“I think students have given us a message to wake up, get up and speak up because to speak with silence when we should protest is what makes cowards out of men and the time has come to raise our voices,” said Bhatt.

“Please leaders wake up, listen to us, hear the women of Shaheen Bagh, hear the students, have a dialogue and don’t demonise, stop demonising,” she added.


As a part of the conference, Bhatt and other members recited the preamble of the Indian Constitution to express solidarity with the anti-CAA protesters.

Further invoking the Constitution of the country, Bhatt said, “We read this Constitution, either you tear it or burn it permanently or don’t teach this to our children in the schools because whatever you are teaching, your actions and words are not matching.”

“This is the India I have grown up in and this is the India I will fight for. I’d rather die on my feet or than live on my knees,” she added.

Bhatt ended the speech by thanking the present Government of India for unifying the country.

Dissent & patriotism

“I think dissent is the greatest form of patriotism. Isn’t Hindustan our house? If we have some grievances from the government will it term us as anti-national or will it listen to us? I want to thank the ruling party that you have actually brought us together,” said Bhatt

“This solidarity was missing from the past five-six years, people were scared. Thank you to present Government of India for unifying us,” the actor added.

Pooja Bhatt and her father Mahesh Bhatt have earlier voiced their opinions about CAA and NRC with the latter one participating in demonstrations against the newly enacted law.

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