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Italian woman abandoned at birth in Kerala finds mom after 9 yrs

Italian woman abandoned at birth in Kerala finds mom after 9 yrs

New Delhi:  A 35-year-old Italian woman of Indian origin successfully tracked her biological mother who had abandoned her, leaving her in an orphanage in Kerala after 9 years of a long search.

The Italian woman Navya Sofia Dorigatti born on March 31, 1984, to an unwed mother was abandoned after birth in Kerala’s Kozhikode district 35 years ago, later adopted by an Italian couple only learned the truth when she realized she did not look like her parents at the age of 9.

Navya is an Italian citizen now, married with two daughters, only wishes to meet the people who have helped her in tracking down her biological mother, Khaleej Times reports.

For nine long years, Navya kept on searching for her mother but could not find anything, at last she took to social media this July and posted a small video comprising a brief post about herself and photos from her childhood.

Civil police officer (CPO), Rijesh Pramod, of the Chevayoor police station noticed this clip and who helped Navya in finding her mother.

Navya has spoken to her mother but is yet to meet her. “If the world comes to know that my mother had a child before her wedding, it would only cause her hardships. I understand that. I would soon come to Kerala. Not to see my mother. But to meet those who helped me find her,” an elated Navya said.

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