Jamat ‘villains’ turn life savers in Delhi, other parts of India

Hyderabad: The Godi Media called them the villains of the Covid game. The media outlets used un-parliamentary and provocative language against the Tablighi Jamaat members who have been alleged to be ‘criminally’ callous in dealing with their ailments.

The tirade against the Tablighi Jamaat members in media and political circles is still going on unrepentantly.

The Tablighi Jamaat members have decided to counter this malicious propaganda through their contribution to the society in these dire times.

Several TJ members who recovered from the tests and the treatment have returned to offer their blood plasma for the good of all those who are suffering from Covid-19.

Medical experts say that the plasma from the blood of a person who was affected by coronavirus and recuperated will cure the new patients.

According to India TV that had launched a scathing attack against the TJ members is now saying that in many quarantine centres all over Delhi Tablighi Jamaat members are donating their blood. Their only wish is that their blood should save some souls of their countrymen.

Farooq Pasha, a TJ member from Tamil Nadu who had recovered from the Cdovid-19 has donated his plasma in Sultan Puri quarantine Centre.

Another person, Mohammed Osman, has donated his blood in Narle Quarantine center. He said he has donated his blood plasma on the instructions of Maulana Saad, the chief of TJ.

According to India TV, the blood plasma therapy is being practiced at Delhi Max Hospital in Saket, LNGP Hospital-Lucknow, Victoria Hospital in Mangalore, Arvindu Medical College, Indore. The reports suggest that the new therapy has proven successful in all these hospitals.

Yesterday in Lucknow, a 58-year-old diabetic patient with Covid-19 positive was admitted in ICU and was put on ventilator. As his condition was deteriorating, he was put on blood plasma transfusion and he showed great improvement.

According to India Today, a 49-year-old patient from Delhi was tested Covid-19 positive on April 14. He was admitted to Max Hospital. He developed pneumonia with Type-1 respiratory failure and had to be on ventilator support on April 8. When his health worsened, his family requested the hospital for plasma therapy and they also arranged a donor. The donor had recovered from Covid-19 three weeks back. The patient was administered with fresh plasma and he recovered fully.

According to doctors, a single donor can donate 400ml of plasma which can save two lives, as 200ml is sufficient to treat one patient.

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