Kids centric homes: A necessity of urban living in India

New Delhi: It is a known fact that parents become very choosy when it comes to selecting the right school for their kids. They want their child’s school to provide the best of facilities, infrastructure, safety, and security. But does this comprehensive checklist apply to parents’ search for residential homes? While many parents spend weeks and even months searching for the best schools for their children, they often do not look for a child-friendly community, design, and amenities, while buying a home.

The fact of the matter is that while children spend just around eight hours of their day at school, the rest of the time, they are at home. This makes it essential that the home and community has the right infrastructure to help children grow and blossom into independent and successful adults.

That said, with the rapid urbanization and an increasing number of working parents, people have started factor in their child’s needs while buying a home. This has given a boost to the demand for kid-centric homes in the country.

Such homes are specially designed keeping parents’ busy lives in the mind and their topmost priority is the safety and security of children. However, what makes these kid-centric homes all the more important is the fact that they empower the children to play, explore, learn, lead and grow in a fruitful manner and enable parents to engage their children in various skillful activities post-school hours which can carve a better future for them.

What are kid-centric homes

Typically, a kid-centric home is a gated community which provides all the facilities that are needed for children’s development and their all-round growth. Such homes offer sports infra, learning hub – special activity area designed for kids and other kids-related amenities within the campus. Also, they are well-equipped with amenities such as clubhouses, playrooms, creche, swimming pools, sports and co-curricular activity arena with coaches and experts. Kid-centric homes also enhance the process of learning and ensure that good values, a sense of responsibility and life skills are inculcated in children right from an early age.

Typically, making children future-ready is the main concept behind kid-centric homes. These kid-centric homes undoubtedly promote 360-degree development of the child so as to carve their bright future.

Kid-centric homes: Promising children’s bright future

In the present-day scenario, when children have to face all sorts of competition right at an early age, it is necessary that they get best of training, learning lessons and their talents and interests are nurtured and skills are sharpened from the beginning. Here, comes the importance of kid-centric homes that create an apt learning environment for the child and foster their overall development, so that they can have a better future.

At these communities, children have access to a plethora of age-appropriate activities (designed by team specialists) all under one roof. Further, these residential complexes follow a child-centric approach to enable the child to explore his/her talents. What more? Breaking the monotony and routine, various skill development activities are conducted at such communities. These include making children learn about gardening and sensitizing and making them responsible for environmental issues. Then, teaching children about the basic rules of the road and civic responsibilities through traffic clubs, etc. Apart from this, excursion trips (to post-office, plant nurseries, etc.,) are organized which enhance kids’ learning experience by providing opportunities to participate in activities outside the normal routine. Even various sports and co-curricular competitions and events are organized where children can showcase their talent and develop a healthy competitive spirit.

Thus, in the present times, when most of the kids spend time by playing games on mobiles and computers, these communities encourage meaningful engagement of children in various life skills at an early age which promises to not only make the kids confident but future-ready as well. For example, Rajeev Malhotra, one of the residents of kid-centric homes in Bhiwadi (Delhi NCR) happily notes that due to various activities conducted at the community, her daughter has transformed from a shy and hesitant kid to a confident dance performer and this is praiseworthy. Well, the life of not just one child but many have changed due to the exposure given to the children at the kid-centric communities.

While last summer vacations, most of the parents spent their time worrying about how they should engage their children, the kid-centric homes (through various activities) were busy with developing not only the cognitive skills of the children but making them learn the basic values of life and other skills so as to ensure that they have a bright future.

At present, there are some reputed companies like Ashiana Housing, Gera and Godrej having kid-centric projects in the country. With the demand set to increase, such communities are expected to grow in number in the near future.


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