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Ladakh a land of all religions: Ram Madhav

Ladakh a land of all religions: Ram Madhav

Ladakh: BJP National General Secretary Ram Madhav on Thursday met with religious representatives and prominent people of the region here and said that Ladakh is the land of all religions.

The BJP leader was in Leh to participate in the Independence Day celebrations.

“Modi government did not take all that much time (in making Ladakh union territory). Now it’s your responsibility to take it forward. Outlines are being made. Two councils will be there. Ladakh is the land of all religions including Shia, Sunni, Buddhist, and others. No one should feel that there’s no future,” said Ram Madhav.

The BJP leader said that making Ladakh a union territory was long pending.

“It is being said that the union territory is being imposed on you. That not true. I assure you that any kind of injustice will not happen. Things are different in Kashmir. Display of force and some tough actions are needed there,” he said.

The government will work towards the betterment of the union territory, Madhav told the locals adding that people had been asking for their rights for the last 70 years.

He also urged people not to pay attention to the “lies and rumours being spread” in the region.

Buddhist Association Vice President Rinchen Namgyal welcomed the move and said, “We have been demanding for union territory status since 1949. Some of Kashmiri leaders always behaved like a stepmother. Now we are very happy. It’s like our second independence.”

Sunni representatives agreed with the BJP leader but also raised some of their concerns.

“We demanded union territory status with the legislature, but the Centre did not do that, which is a little difficult for us. Also, you are making two councils, which also have some common problems,” one of the representatives said.

Earlier in the day, Madhav had unfurled the National Flag at the BJP office in Leh.

“This Independence Day is very special for the entire country. There is also the additional significance of securing the union territory status. I’m happy to be a part of the celebrations of the first Independence Day of the union territory of Ladakh,” he had said.

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