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List of 31 Indians who succumbed to COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia

List of 31 Indians who succumbed to COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia
AFP [Representational Photo]

Riyadh: COVID-19 cases in Saudi Arabia mounted to 42, 925 on Tuesday, 12th May. Although the number of recoveries reached 15, 257, the Kingdom reported 264 deaths due to the disease so far.

Out of the total deaths, 31 are Indian nationals.

It may be mentioned that out of 31, seven died in Madinah, five in Riyadh, 12 in Makkah, five in Jeddah, 1 in Dammam and 1 in Buraidah.

Following is the list of Indians who succumbed to COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia

Serial number Name Age (in years) Date of death Location in Saudi Arabia State in India to which deceased belongs
1Sh. Shebnaz Pala Kandiyil2904.04.2020MadinahKerala
2Sh Safvan Nadamal4104.04.2020RiyadhKerala
3Sh. Badre Alam4107.04.2020JeddahUttar Pradesh
4 Sh. Suleman Sayyed5915.04.2020MadinahMaharashtra
5Sh. Khan Azamatulla6516.04.2020MakkahTelangana
6Sh. Barkat Aliabdullatif Fakir6316.04.2020MadinahMaharashtra
7Sh. Mohammed Sadiq5318.04.2020JeddahTelangana
8Sh. Md Fakhre Alam5119.04.2020MakkahUttar Pradesh
9  Sh. Mohammed Aslam Khan5118.04.2020MakkahUttar Pradesh
10Sh. Tausif Balbale4018.04.2020MadinahMaharashtra
11Sh. Sheikh Ubedullah4918.04.2020DammamMaharashtra
12Sh. Jalal Ahmed Pawaskar6123.04.2020MadinahMaharashtra
13Sh. Mohammad Islam5324.04.2020MadinahBihar
14Sh. Abrey Alam Mohammad Alamgir4812.04.2020MakkahBihar
15Sh. Zahir Hussain5424.04.2020MakkahBihar
16Sh. Vijayakumaran Nair5123.04.2020RiyadhKerala
17Sh. Habbis Khan Pitcha Mohammad5126.04.2020BuraidahKerala
18Sh. Muhammed Kottuvala5729.04.2020MakkahKerala
19Sh. Amar Mohammed4029.04.2020MakkahTelangana
20Sh. Syed Dastageer6129.04.2020MakkahTelangana
21 Sh. Mohinder Paul5829.04.2020RiyadhHimachal Pradesh
22Sh. Arikath Hamza6301.05.2020MadinahKerala
23Sh. Shamsujoha Khan4530.04.2020JeddahUttar Pradesh
24Sh. Mohammad Rafeek Ottupara4504.05.2020MakkahKerala
25Sh. Saker Hossein2628.04.2020JeddahWest Bengal
26Sh. Yaseen Khan5306.05.2020MakkahUttar Pradesh
27Sh. Somu Anbalagan5107.05.2020JeddahTamil Nadu
28Sh. Abdul Salam5106.05.2020MakkahUttar Pradesh
29Sh. Mohammed Riyaz Pathan5706.05.2020RiyadhMaharashtra
30Sh. Ebrahim Kutty Sherief4208.05.2020RiyadhKerala
31Sh. Mohammad Khalid Tanveer4324.04.2020MakkahBihar

It may be noted that Saudi Arabia witnessed a spike in the number of coronavirus cases after the Health Ministry began conducting tests in suspected areas.

Saudi Correspondent Mir Gazanfar Ali Zaki provided the list of Indians who succumbed to COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia

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