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‘Makkah Girl’ faces arrest over offensive rap song

‘Makkah Girl’ faces arrest over offensive rap song
Saudi rapper - Asayel Slay who sang 'Makkah Girl'

Makkah: Saudi Arabian officials have called for the arrest of a female rapper who recently released a music video on YouTube titled ‘Girl of Makkah’ or ‘Bint Makkah’.

The video released by Saudi rapper, Asayel Slay, talks about women from the holy city of Makkah. ‘Our respect to other girls but the Makkah girl is sugar candy,’ reads a line from the rap.

‘Prince Khalid bin Faisal, Governor of Makkah has ordered the arrest of those responsible for the Bint Mecca rap song, which offends the customs and traditions of the people of Mecca and contradicts the identity and traditions of its esteemed population,’ said the tweet.

“A Makkah girl is all you need/Don’t upset her, she will hurt you,” sang Ayasel, describing how a woman from Mecca exceeded all other Saudi women in beauty and strength.

“With her, you can complete the Sunna [get married]/Your life with her will become Paradise,” she asserts proudly.

Twitterati hit back

“What a contrasting situation … [the government] invites singers and dancers to the country and no one objected but this girl did this song and now everyone is against her?” Twitterati Sultan al-Hamedi asked.

“The singer is young and has maybe realized her mistake, as Mecca is a holy place and has revered status,” Twitter user Nouf al-Qahtani said. “But don’t let your comments fall to racist levels … racism is a disease in society.”

“[Some] Saudis are saying that the singer is black and can’t be from Mecca, as if Mecca is known for its blond-haired and blue-eyed women,” another social user commented sarcastically.

It is not the first time a Saudi female rapper has released a video. In June 2018, a rapper by the name of Leesa A dropped a video where she celebrated the country’s lifting of a ban that prohibited women from driving. The video went viral but, unlike Asayel Slay’s song, was well received.

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