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“Marry Gori Kashmiri girl now”, Prof Nandita

“Marry Gori Kashmiri girl now”, Prof Nandita

New Delhi: Prof. Nandita Narayan slammed Central Govt. over the procedure adopted to scrap Article 370. She alleged that Central Govt. took the decision without taking the opinion of the people of Kashmir.

मोदी ने धारा 370 हटाने में कर डाली बहुत बड़ी भूल ! इस वीडियो को देख कर आपका भी खून खोल जायेगा !

Gepostet von HNP News am Samstag, 10. August 2019

Talking about the situation prevailing in Kashmir, she alleged that virtually, Central Govt. has declared emergency in the valley.

Reacting on the comment, “Marry ‘Gori’ Kashmiri girl now”, Ms. Nandita claimed that the party has leaders who are rapists.

During a protest, when a media person said that many people are comparing Kashmir with Palestine, Ms. Nandita said, ‘Israel is a well-known terrorist state’. She also said many people believe that the impact of Israel is increasing in India.

Expressing concern over the economic situation in the country, she alleged that Govt. is destroying the PSUs and then selling it.

Responding to the question, ‘what is the intention of govt. behind the removal of Article 370’, the professor replied, ‘might be government want to divert the attention of the public from actual issues’.

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