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Million March: Markets remained closed voluntarily

Million March: Markets remained closed voluntarily

Hyderabad: The people of Hyderabad forged a new precedence by closing the shops and markets voluntarily. Not only this, many shop keepers pasted posters opposing CAA, NRC, NPR.

Shops and markets in Pathergatti, Begum Bazaar, Kothi, Abids, Charminar, Madina Building, Mahboob Chowk, Lad Bazar, Chatta Bazaar, Karwan, Shah Ali Banda, Moazzamjahi Market, Troop Bazaar etc. remained closed and recorded their protests against this black rule.

In Hussaini Alam area, posters against NRC, CAA were pasted but they were removed by police saying that there is no permission for it.

Hussaini Alam police arrested three youths by name Mohammed Abdul Quadar, Tameem and Fareed when they raised objections against the police action for removing the posters. Later, they were released.

Businessmen in HImayat Nagar, Liberty, Basheer Bagh kept their shops closed and expressed their solidarity with the Million March programme.

It is very surprising that businessmen kept their shops closed without any appeal either from the organizers or the public.

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