Modi Govt. might fall if Muslim, Dalit M.Ps quit

Hyderabad: Throughout India, all the citizens including Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Hindus are agitating against CAA.

It is being said that this law is disadvantageous to the Muslims and Dalits if they fail to produce relevant documents to prove their Indian citizenship.

If the status of Dalit is reviewed, it would be known that Dalits are not considered as Hindus on the basis of caste system. They are treated an untouchables.

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There are instances in the past when Dalits were killed since they were eating in front of the high caste people sitting on the chairs. In some other cases when Dalit groom took out a marriage procession sitting on a horse. The height is that the hands of Dalits were cut when they touched the dog of a higher caste family.

There are also instances when Dalits chief minister visited certain temples. After their visits, these temples were washed with milk as they thought that the Dalit Ministers have desecrated the temple.

B.J.P makes lofty claims of uplifting Dalits By appointing a Dalit to a higher post, the problems of this community can’t be resolved.

On the other side, voices are being raised to put an end to reservations in the future. Sangh Parivar may do it.

Govt. of India is making every effort to suppress the voice of Dalit by force. Recently, chief of Bheem Army, Mr. Chandranchkhar Azad was sent back to Delhi when he arrived in Hyderabad to address a protest meeting organised to condemn CAA, NRC, NPR

According to Kanaka Gopinathan, an IAS officer who resigned against scrapping Article 370 in Kashmir, NRC, CAA and NPR are not only disadvangeous to the Muslims but they will affect adversely Dalits and the poor people of this country.

Now the question is whether BJP which has 303 M.Ps can lose power? Or is it possible to pull down BJP Govt. in the centre?

In the present sceneries, if the BJP M.Ps revolt against the present Govt., its strength in the parliament would be reduced to 226 from 303 whereas the magic number for the sustenance of any Govt. is 272 M.Ps.

In order to reach this number, its allies also won’t be helpful.

In the present context, it has become essential that Bahujan Kranti Morcha Supreme, Mr. Vaman Mishram, Bheem Army Chief, Chandrasekhar Azad, Congress leader Udit Raj and the grandson of Ambedkar Prakash Ambedkar Should come forward to save the country.

 If a review of Lok Sabha M.Ps. is made it would be known that here are 131 M.Ps belonging to weaker sections out of which 77 are in BJP. If all the Dalit and Muslim M.Ps decide to tender their resignations from Parliament, the strength of BJP would be seduced to 226 which may pull down Modi Govt.

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