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Mother of victim demands accused burnt alive

Mother of victim demands accused burnt alive

Hyderabad: Mother of the 26-year-old veterinary doctor who was raped, murdered demanded the accused to be burned alive in full view of the public as they burned her daughter.

“My daughter was very innocent. I want the accused to be burnt alive,” said the victim’s mother.

On 27 November, a 26-year-old veterinary doctor was raped, murdered and her body was set ablaze on the outskirt of Hyderabad.

Meanwhile, netizens also demanded all the four accused to be hanged till death.

#HangRapists has been trending on Twitter since the incident.

People have also questioned about the proceedings in Nirbhaya case and delay in the hanging of the accused.

Reddy’s father, meanwhile, called for the perpetrators to be “hanged to death.” There has been a massive outpouring of grief, solidarity and above all outrage at the heinous crime.

Meanwhile, the family members believe that if the police acted promptly, the incident could have been avoided.

“We lost a lot of time moving from one police station to another. Had the police acted without wasting time, at least my sister would have been alive,” the victim’s younger sister said.

Family Members of the accused

Jayamma, mother of one of the accused in the gangrape and murder, told:

“If my son committed the crime, burn him too. My son is nothing to me. Wrong is wrong.”

“She (victim’s mother) gave birth to a daughter after nine months. Her daughter becoming the victim of such a crime… what she must be going through,” she added.

Similarly, the father of the prime accused said that his son should be given the punishment that he deserves, TNM reports.

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