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Muslims have been wronged: Retd SC Judge AK Ganguly

Muslims have been wronged: Retd SC Judge AK Ganguly

Expressing his discontent over Supreme Court judgement of giving the land for construction of Ram temple, retired Supreme Court Judge AK Ganguly claimed that the minorities have been “wronged”.

Justice Ganguly said that he was perplexed and slightly disturbed because of the judgement. He argued, “when the constitution came into existence and we became socialist democratic republic based on secular principles, and we have guaranteed the freedom to practice a religion to everyone in this country including the minorities, on that day there stood a mosque it is undeniable, there is no question of historical evidence”.

He added, “And what is also undeniable is that the mosque was demolished on 6th of December 1992 by sheer vandalism.”

Justice Ganguly pointed out, “And in the recent judgment of Supreme Court it has been said that was an act of gross error and gross violation of rule of law.” Then he questioned, “So in that scenario, the question is who has been wronged?  Which community has been wronged?” He asserted that he and any ordinary man can judge that minorities have been wronged.

Supreme Court on Saturday, November 9, put an end to the centuries-old Ayodhya Ram Janambhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute case by giving the disputed land to Ram Lalla.

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