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Muslims must adopt Makki period strategy in current scenario

Muslims must adopt Makki period strategy in current scenario

In this hostile environment of mob lynching, hate crimes etc. what should Indian Muslims do? Should they take to streets in protest or stay calm?

In my opinion in the current political environment, any kind of street politics, (especially purely under the banner of Muslim community) processions, meetings and protests with slogans like ‘Nara-e-takbeer’ will not be in the interest of Muslim community. If Muslims take to streets, Sangh and BJP will incite Hindus and 1992 will be repeated.

Sangh has created Muslim image as anti-Hindu. Hence street politics is not at all favourable for Muslims. Some people are of the opinion that Islam doesn’t vouch for cowardice. But in the present situation, staging protests or taking to streets is against the history of Islam and Seerah of Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him). If we look at the life of Prophet Mohammed (peace by upon him), his life is divided into two phase. Makki period and Madani period.

During the propagation of Islam after the announcement of Prophethood, Prophet (Peace be upon him) and his followers were oppressed and tortured. A Jew woman even used to throw trash on Prophet (Peace be upon him) but Prophet (pbuh) responded to her with kindness as a result she embraced Islam. During the Makki period for 10 years, Muslims didn’t protest despite enduring hardships. They adopted the path of tolerance and won the hearts of their enemies.

Then the second phase of prophet’s life i.e. ‘Madani period’ began when Muslims chose the path of reconciliation. When the number of Muslims increased and Muslims began winning every war even then Prophet (pbuh) adopted the path of concord.

It is very clear from the history of Prophet’s (pbuh) times that it is against the nature of Islam to stand up against and fight with the enemies in anger.

I don’t say Muslims should never protest against oppression and atrocities but protesting under the banner of a Muslim organisation is dangerous and will incite Hindutva outfits to create turmoil.

Hence, the strategy adopted during Makki period would be the best in this situation. It must be noted that majority of the Hindu community in the country is against BJP, if any protest is to be staged it must be staged along with the anti-BJP non-Muslims of the country.

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